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2016 is the year of my country's auto industry recovery. With the issuance of the central policy and the gradual establishment of a firm foothold in society by the post-80s and 90s, these younger generations are not very attached to housing, but more want to have their own. The safety performance of the car will make the younger generation consider more, and the car wiring harness terminal, as the current and signal transmission connector of various electronic wiring harnesses in the whole car, has very high requirements.If the wiring harness is a human nerve line, then the terminals of the car wiring harness are the focal points in each nerve line.

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The normal operation of the automobile circuit is inseparable from the good wiring harness terminal interface. The following is a specific introduction to the characteristics of the automobile wiring harness terminal and the requirements for practical application. (Including special parts of automobile wiring harness terminals, some important parameters, types, shapes, etc. during stamping) 1. There are generally 3 places for the locks of the self-locking terminals of the automobile wiring harness, the front, the back and both sides. The specific function is to fix the self-locking terminals of the automobiles in the plastic sleeve to prevent the wiring harness terminals from falling off due to objective factors. 2. When the lock cylinder area of the wire harness terminal is in contact with the wire harness wire, the current and transmission signal will pass through this area, and will be transmitted between the car wire harness terminal and the wire harness, and displayed on the electrical appliance. This is also the most important area to ensure the flow of the circuit performance of the entire vehicle and ensure the operation of mechanical functions. 3. There are 2 different functional applications in the insulation area of the wire harness crimping and the contact place of the terminal: one is to prevent the wire harness copper core at the end of the plastic sleeve from being exposed to the air due to the shrinkage of the wire harness insulation area. Under the circumstance, short-circuit characteristics such as leakage and burning are particularly prone to occur; secondly, after the tail of the wire harness is crimped to the car terminal, the swing degree between the wire harness and the car terminal is controlled to a certain extent. Reduces possible breakage or shedding when swinging.

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